Being a landlord can be a stressful experience if you are trying to manage your property all by yourself. Let us help take the pressure off.

At Reegun Properties we offer landlords a trustworthy and effective solution to property management. Once we have assessed your property, our team will collaborate to see whether your property meets our criteria for management. If your property successfully meets our criteria, we would then begin to negotiate and provide you with a fixed-rental offer for a set period. We may also offer a free refurbishment of your property at the same time, which of course is optional for you. By allowing Reegun Properties to manage your property you could be entitled to a range of benefits such as guaranteed rental payments, monthly inspections by our team, all property maintenance costs covered as a well as having no agency fees. Yes, absolutely none!

See how we work


Step 1

Schedule a meeting at the property in question to assess and answer any questions

Step 2

We then conduct our research and discuss the property with the rest of the team

Step 3

Once you have been accepted, we negotiate and package everything together stating our promises in black and white.

Step 4

Once accepted you can feel confident and release some extra time in your busy schedule.
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